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The Big Data 100 List initiative is an open community-based effort for benchmarking Big Data systems. The objective is to develop an end-to-end application-layer benchmark for big data applications to enable ranking of big data systems according to a well-defined, verifiable/audited performance metric, with an accompanying efficiency metric.

Big Data 100

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The Big Data Alliance (BDA) is an organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for realizing business success within Big Data, and to provide education on the uses of Big Data to help data-driven decision makers, managers, and data practitioners. The Big Data Alliance is led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations and other key stakeholders.


Identify the requirements of Big Data solutions that meet the challenges facing Big Data today and tomorrow.
Define usage models that support emerging Big Data requirements in an open, industry-standard and multi-vendor fashion.
Influence industry innovation focus with a collective membership commitment to utilize the Alliance¡¯s Usage Model Roadmap to drive purchasing decisions of Big Data solutions.


Supply a consistent and accurate view of Big Data.
Be recognized by the industry as the Big Data resource.
Promote Big Data market development.
Achieve transparency of cost, service levels and reporting across the ecosystem.


Members have a forum to apply critical thinking to Big Data technologies and applications. Using member's inputs, we keep the organization informed about industry trends, share success stories, and provide quality speakers through our speaker's bureau. We offer members an opportunity to network and collaborate while providing consistent information on Big Data from industry experts to members, consumers, media and analysts. Through your BDA membership, you can discover tangible ways to improve sales, operations and business development, while building business relationships that benefit you and the industry as a whole.

Individual Members

Annual membership offers the following benefits to you and your company:

Opportunities for business development and revenue growth
Forum for sharing industry trends and insights
Venue for gaining sales, service and operations efficiencies
Opportunity to gain insight into best practices in the industry
Annual meetings that focus on maximizing communication, relationship development and learning

BDA's part of individual members come from:

individual members

Affiliates and Sponsors

The BDA Affiliate Program is an integral component of the association. Affiliates contribute significantly to the BDA by sponsoring educational and networking programs for BDA members. These programs strengthen the bond between the BDA members and companies that serve the technology needs of the Big Data community. As an Affiliate, your company can take advantage of many benefits that provide opportunities for ongoing exposure and access to prospective clients and partners. Through organized marketing activities, the BDA can help positively position your firm and its solutions to key decision makers.

BDA's part of affiliates and sponsors include:

affiliates and sponsors

Some corporation member as shown above are from the participating companies of Big Data World Forum. The sponsors and exhibitors of this event become the corporation members of Big Data Alliance automatically. The recent new corporation members are not yet to be showed.

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Membership to the Big Data Alliance is open to companies interested in leading the Big Data revolution!

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The Big Data Alliance is an inclusive group, we want to work with as many of our peers as possible to accomplish our mission of Big Data.

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